Monday, June 23, 2014


When I got pregnant with Vivian, I went back and forth in my head whether I wanted my #2 to be a girl or a boy.  I know every expecting mother does this and if you say you didn't, you're a liar.  Things went through my head like:

  • She will be able to wear a lot of Lila's clothes, that'll be great
  • We already have pretty much everything we need for a girl
  • I really won't have to decorate much more than I did with Lila
  • Ugh...won't have to worry about the circumcision or penis spraying us every time he peed...another girl, great!

  • I WON'T HAVE TO DO HIS HAIR!!!!!!!!!
  • This will be different....
  • I have two younger brothers, I can handle this.
  • I have NO boy names picked out, nor any that I even like...Neil will win :(
One thing I never thought about was "sisters".  I didn't even think about Lila having a little sister.  I heard from everyone that two girls is awesome, but still, I didn't know WHAT I WANTED.  LOL

When I found out we were having another girl, I was excited.  Two girls...well what in the hell am I going to do with two girls?  Maybe at least they'll play with each other.  A few months ago, I got really scared.  Vivian was just getting really mobile and starting to follow Lila around.  If Lila had something, Viv wanted it.  She even got it sometimes and then it was "Mom, she took that from me".  I immediately started thinking, what have we gotten ourselves into.  I could see the next 15 year flashing before my eyes.  Lila was this fingernail polish and Vivian got it first or Vivian was playing with the iPad and Lila wants it...OR Vivian took the car and Lila had plans with friends and she was going to use it.  Aye aye aye....

Now, they both love each other, I know that, but of course they don't always show it. Then last night something happened.  We were on a bike ride and they were in the bike trailer (that's another post for another time) just ridin' along.  Then I hear "Mom, she's trying to bite me".  Well, I can't really do anything at this very moment while I'm riding and pulling you crazies.  "Just lightly touch her lips and tell her no, no biting."  What I was thinking, please please don't hit her hard and make her cry, we're almost home and I really don't feel like stopping right now.  Then out of nowhere I hear giggles.  Viv is cracking up at Lila and Lila is telling her "no, no" in the sweetest voice ever.  Then Vivi puts her mouth on Lila's arm and makes a fart noise, yes these are my kids.  They just continue to giggle and giggle for the rest of the ride home.  I just smiled.

I always thought they could be best friends one day, but I never expected it to be this soon.  Vivian thinks Lila is the best thing since sliced bread.  Lila is pretty proud to be her big sister.  Although brats a lot of the time, they are still two of the sweetest creatures on Earth.


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Where are you going?

This is the question I was asked last night by my husband as I went storming out the door.

Do you ever have those times when you, as a mother, just have to get yourself out of a situation as fast as you can before something is either said or done that you know you will eventually regret?

That was me last night.  UGH!  Sometimes a mom can just lose it.  I about blew a gasket.  I don't know about you, but I can only take so much of a 3 year old whining,  Whining because I didn't make her pony tail high enough or "swooshy" enough.  Or she told me that she wanted 1 pony tail and then mid way through changed her mind to pig tails, but didn't let me know that.  Or that her sock hurts her foot or she wanted to wear "hoopy hoop" earrings today.  I know it's tough being a 3 year in this crazy world, but REALLY????

Then there's my rotten little Vivian.  I thought that my baby who wants to constantly be held by me if I'm in the house would eventually grow out of this.  Well, she turned 1 and that didn't happen yet.  So adding on to the 3 year old whining, I have a 1 year old following me around screaming crying because I won't pick her up.  Aye aye aye....

When I finally can make her happy by finding a toy that she would like to play with, Lila comes around guessed it...that was the toy she wanted to play with, that has been thrown into a corner in her room since she got for Christmas.  The kid didn't even know she had the toy until now.  So Vivian then gets something to eat, usually a CLIF bar because that's what she gets out of the cabinet and brings to me.  Lila wants milk.  Ok....she gets milk.  But she wanted chocolate milk this time.  I forgot my crystal ball in the other room honey....sorry!

If you're a mom, you know this is pretty standard.  This happens DAILY and daily I can usually deal, but every once in a while a mom wants to just lay in bed or sit on the couch or get on the computer and not have to deal with such drama.  Every once in a while, a mom wants someone to take care of her, to appreciate the things that she does when all this drama come on.  Every once in a while a mom needs a break.  Mom's don't get days off or weekends.  We may get hours off, but rarely days.  I don't know about you, but even when I get my days off of work, I feel guilty still taking my kids to daycare.  I feel like if I'm not at work, then I should be with them.

I think this is when we need to stop and realize, that we need to cut ourselves some slack and take the breaks that we need.  Spend the day alone doing what you want to do.  Shopping, meditating, exercising, sleeping, laying on the couch and catching up on The Young and the Restless and NOT FEEL GUILTY ABOUT IT.

I challenge all mom's to do something for themselves at some point in the next week.  We all need it!!



Friday, May 9, 2014

The Life of a Mom

There are moments in your life when you feel like you've officially become a mom.  I'm not talking about the actual birthing of a baby, of course that makes you a mom.  I'm talking about when you're changing your infant's poopy diaper (and having to change her clothes because it was a huge blowout) and your 3 year old pukes all over you, or when you're trying to give your kids a bath and your baby poops in the bath (EVERY SINGLE TIME) so you're trying to get both kids clean without the poop touching anything because the last thing you want to do is take the kids out, drain the bath tub, clean it, and refill just to "finish the bath".  Those are the things that put you in the Mom Club.

I know we all could share stories that could keep ours ears perked for days.  These are the joys of motherhood!

Last week I, in my opinion, just officially enter the Mom Club.  We got a van!  I can't tell you how excited I am about this.  I have been wanting a minivan for about a year.  Pretty much ever since we put Vivian's car seat in the car with Lila's, just about a week before she was born.  If you ever want to drastically decrease the amount of space you have in your car, just put two car seats in.  Seriously, where did all this room go?  It's ridiculous.  So now, I'm rockin' the minivan...and completely excited about it!  As I told Neil, "we'll have so much more room for activities", to quote the movie Step Brothers.  :)

When I was pregnant with Lila, I was part of a birth month forum on The Bump.  There were several girls on this forum that I got very close to over the course of a pregnancy and first few months of being a mother.  Some of us eventually connected on Facebook where over 4 year later, we are still good friends.  Some of us have met in person (which always makes the others jealous) and some of us continue to grow closer through the internet.  This is something I never thought I would do, but can't imagine my life without these ladies.  About a year ago, I found out that one of the ladies only lives a little under 2 hours away from me.  I couldn't believe it.  Since then we've wanted to meet up, but never had the opportunity to do so.  She's an amazing photographer and I've been dying to have her take pictures of my girls.  This week we finally got to meet up.  She took pics for Vivian's 1 year birthday and our girls (we both have 2) got to play with each other.  They had so much fun.  I'm blessed to share some of the sneak peeks with everyone.  If you live in Southern Illinois or Central Illinois, you should totally look her up.  She's the bomb dot com.  Go to her website and check out her work!  You'll be happy you did.

Now it's just fitting to talk about Viv's first birthday.  She celebrated with a Peppa Pig party.  She loves Peppa Pig!  We got to celebrate with lots of family and friends and couldn't be more blessed to have those we love come to party with us!  Thanks to everyone.

The most recent thing I've had that has made me a "Silver Member" of the Mom Club.  As I was getting my hair done, my ever-so-sweet stylist informed me that she found a gray!  LOL  This is the second gray that has been spotted in my head.  Thus the reason I've deemed myself a "Silver Member".  Oh the joys!  Looks like I'm going to be needing a lot more Serenity and Balance in my life.  Oh doTERRA please help me keep my sanity!

Friday, March 14, 2014

A 3 Year Old and a 10 Month Old

Sometimes I walk in the living room and Lila and Vivian are just playing in their kitchen or watching TV or playing with toys in the floor.  It warms my heart to know how much they love each other.  Then they fight.  I know, I know, it's only just beginning!

It's funny how different kids can be.  When Lila was little, well, little-r, she was much more independent.  She would sit and play by herself, no crying, no whining.  Vivi on the other hand, constantly crawls after me climbing up my legs, pulling my pants down and just wanting up, wanting to be held...ALL.THE.TIME!

It seems that these two can get into trouble in no time.  The other day I left them in the living room watching TV and playing.  I went in the kitchen to start supper.  When I came back in the living room, Vivian had EVERYTHING pulled out of their kitchen, play cookies and cupcakes, play pots and pans, every other toy that was in there too.  I thought, "how in the world can this child do this so fast?".  My next thought was, "Where is Lila?".  LOL  She had snuck into the corner with her lip gloss and was "painting her finger nails and toe nails" with her glitter lip gloss.  Are you kidding me?  It was all over the place.  Lord grant me patience!!!

To make me feel a little bit better, knowing that this doesn't only happen to me, my husband had the girls the other day.  He left them alone for a few minutes to get a bedroom picked up.  He comes back out to find that Vivian had gotten into the dogs water bowl and splashed water everywhere and Lila had dumped her hair bands and barrettes in the floor to fill the holder up with water from the bathroom sink.  LOL  I can see my 10 month old doing this, she doesn't know right from wrong, but my 3 year old?  C'mon!  I guess she's just at that age....I'm sure she'll be "at that age" for years!

I also thought the other day how glad I was to have girls because you always hear things about boys playing in the bathroom and getting in the toilet, throwing things in it, etc...  Well yesterday I find out that Vivian had done just that!  And to make it worse, Lila had just pee peed and, in typical fashion, didn't flush.  So here's Vivi standing and splashing in pee water.  I can't even imagine if I was home.  Bath time IMMEDIATELY!!!

The fun times have just started, and I know, are probably going to get more "fun".  I think I need to rethink what the definition of FUN is.  :)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Best Friends

We are almost to that point...Lila and Vivian are starting to play more together.  Where ever Lila goes, Vivi is quickly crawling behind.  If Lila has it, Vivi wants it.  Vivi loves the same shows as Lila.  It's so cute.  While not wanting to wish time away, we've been waiting for this very patiently.  Vivian grabs Lila's face for a great big slobbery, wide mouth open, kiss on, well anywhere on her face she can get it.  :)

On the other hand, the fighting has also began.  I catch them fighting over toys, books, food, the iPad!  I must say, Vivi is VERY stubborn and many times wins on her own, even before I can get in there and break it all up.  :)  I feel like this is going to be my life for, ummm ohhhh, forever, I guess.  Ahhhh sisters!  It's literally a love/hate relationship.

Vivian now has 6 teeth!  She's 9 1/2 months.  This is crazy to me since Lila didn't cut a tooth until she was 9 months.  She's everywhere.  Vivian is one of those babies that you have to watch just about every minute.  Pulling pictures off of shelves, getting in the cabinets, trying to crawl down the stairs to the utility room.  Again, Lila was the complete opposite.  It's funny how that works.  I always wondered how Vivian would look, act, behave, etc...  It's quickly coming out that she's gonna be a handful...maybe two!

Lila Jane just gets bigger every day.  She acts so grown up.  She is starting to learn from Momma a little bit about eating healthy.  That's her new thing.  "Momma, is this healthly?"  "Will this make me grow?".  It's so sweet.  I'm hoping that she continues to pick up on the positive things I do and not even notice the negative!  :)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Mobile Roaming

No I'm not talking about a cell phone.  I'm talking about my 8 month old.  She has been rolling/scooting/belly crawling backwards for weeks, but on Christmas day, she started to crawl.  What a great Christmas present to us!  By the end of the night on Christmas she was already getting better.  Since then, she's been pulling up on everything, slowly moving between objects like her play station and the couch or ottoman.  Once I even saw her let go for a second or two and balance with no hands.  That didn't last long though.  :)

We are so proud that our baby is growing so fast.  She's going to be our wild child, I think.  Lila never got into anything she wasn't supposed to.  We never had to lock the cabinets or shut doors, she just knew.  Vivian is going to be the complete opposite.  She is crazy!

I'm so happy to have had the last few weeks off of work with my girls so I can see them grow.  It's hard to remember how Lila used to be, but I love watching her everyday because even at 3 she still seems to do or say something new everyday.  Vivi is literally growing right before our eyes.  That being said, I have never been happier to go back to work.  I love my girls, but man I need a break!  :)  Especially those days when Neil is sleeping because he worked the night before and then he goes to work that night.  TOO MANY HOURS OF "Hey mom, hey mom, hey mom" or "whhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa".  Staying at home is not for me!

Happy New Year to you all and I wish you the best 2014!!

Friday, November 22, 2013

We have a tooth!

Sweet Vivian got her first tooth last Friday.  We knew she was working on it.  Actually we have been blaming her behavior on teething for at least two months!  LOL  It's finally paid off. She's just getting so big so fast, it's bittersweet.

Now that I'm on my second child I feel like I am able to watch for symptoms better than I was with Lila.  I was kinda clueless whether she was getting sick or not and I had NO idea what to do even if she was getting sick.  I don't know if it's experience or confidence, but whatever it is, I feel like I can get the situation under control better this time around.

As many of you know, ear infections and teething go right together.  This is when the trouble started for Lila and the poor girl has had 2 sets.  I feel just awful for her.  I've been using doTERRA essential oils for several months now.  My friend who introduced them to me once wrote a blog post on how she cured her son's ear infection with essential oils.  Read about it here.  When I read this, I just thought, no freakin' way!  There's no way that that could happen.  I had the intention to start using them, but never thought I'd be using them for something like this, I would so just take my kid to the doctor.

Then, three months later we get thrown into teething hell.  Two weeks ago I could tell how fussy Vivian was and, again being a little more seasoned and maybe even more attentive to my children's needs, I noticed her grabbing her ears a little.  Not really pulling or anything, just had her hands up by them way more than usual.  My first thought was yep...we've got an ear infection coming.  She's teething and that's when Lila always got her's.  Then it occurred to me...I've got melaleuca.  I'm going to try and rub that behind her ears and just see where this goes.  I did it a couple times a day for a couple days.  Watched her behavior, constantly checked her for a fever, nothing....she was no longer grabbing her ears, she was still kinda fussy, but hey, she had a sharp object popping through her poor gums.  BUT SHE WASN'T GRABBING HER EARS ANYMORE.  I wowed myself.  I knew that there was fluid in there.  I had been through that before.  I knew that if the fluid didn't drain or dry up, it would more than likely turn to an ear infection.  I solved the problem before it even became the problem.

For the essential oils, for me, seeing is believing.  It wasn't that I didn't believe my friends blog, but I had to have that situation happen to me and solve it for myself.  I think a lot of people are like that.  If I was to freak out and take her to the doctor when I did, it would have been a $30 co-pay only for them to tell me that there was just fluid, it wasn't infected (YET) and there was nothing they could do.  Then in 5-7 days (I know the routine so well), the fluid would not only still be there, but would have turned into an infection and I'd find myself at the doctor again with another $30 copay and around $15 worth of antibiotics.  

Melaleuca is about 8 cents a drop.  So treating the fluid this time cost me around 64 cents, when it could've cost around $75 if it would have turned into the EI.  I like that a lot better and my husband the nurse likes it too.  He also likes the fact that an ear infection didn't cause us to appear in the ER.  LOL

If Vivian would've gotten sicker and the oils wouldn't have worked, I would not have hesitated to go to the doctor.  I don't know about you, but I don't like going to the doctor, especially during cold and flu season.

If you would like more information about essential oils and wellness, email me at